I have been thinking about how or if to share this message for over a year now, and I am reminded, “the story in your mind always becomes the story in your life”.

Before watching our story, my wish is you replace the religious connotation (if you see one) with the ideal that GOD IS LOVE. Whatever you believe your God to be, I think we can all agree that God is Love.

A couple of weeks ago, before our church asked us to do this short story I had a flash back moment that hit me directly in my heart. My “Nanny” Mary for as long as I can remember would whisper and tell us as children God Is Love. Nanny was also into arts/crafts and gave me (and probably all her grandchildren) a handmade poster for my wall that said “God is Love”. Those subtle messages and images were instilled in me at a young age, and it is only now that I recognize the power of God’s Love through my Nanny. I’m sure she prayed countless prayers that would one day have the effect she hoped for.

If we can truly believe that God is Love, doesn’t it only make sense to put God/Love first? I have learned that everything we do (both good and bad) creates an example for others. If we put LOVE first, we can only create stronger loving marriages, stronger loving children, stronger loving relationships and guess what, that love pours into everything we do. I can tell you we have tried it the other way and the results are much different.

At the end of the day I have come to realize we live in a very hectic society, where most are running fast (full of stresses) to keep up and have more things. Those things do not create lasting happiness. I believe what people are seeking most is actually PEACE! It’s only in that peace that we can find what truly makes us happy. DOING LIFE!